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Tired of looking at the same four walls? ITT’s tour of Korea’s east coast is the perfect place for recreation time outside the bubble.

The Jeongdongsimgok Sea Road Trail allows you to stretch your legs as you walk over a mile towards the Buchaebawi Rock with the sea crashing under your feet.

Most wouldn’t think of going to the sea during the wintertime, preferring the warmer seasons but even with the freezing weather, the sea’s beauty is visible. If not, more intense.

Looking across the ocean at the waves as they crash against the rocks, the thick, brown seafoam clinging to the eroded boulders, and the seagulls flying over the water; you almost forget about the pandemic. How you’ve been cramped up.

After the trail, the bus dropped us off at a beachy downtown area not too far from Gyeongpo Beach to eat. The locals are friendly. Opening their doors ushering tired travelers in to eat.

The last stop is Seongyogang House. It is an upper-class residence formerly belonging to a noble family. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who’ve never seen traditional Korean housing.

~Cherrelle Rand