Checkertails is open 24/7 and ready to serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long. Pancakes at midnight? Curly fries and waffles? Yes, please! If you don’t feel like going out, Checkertails will deliver right to you on base. Check out the menu below and enjoy!

Bldg. 924 | DSN: 784-1581/5865 | From Cell: 784-1581/5865
Open 24 hours

Dine-in spacing & take-out

Sunday-Thursday: 0700-2300
Friday-Saturday: 0700-0100

Slot Room
Open 24 hours a day

$2.50 flat rate delivery chargeĀ 

*COVID-19 restrictions will be strictly enforced.
If USFK Core Tenets and mask policy are not followed violators will be removed from the premises. Current USFK COVID-19 Information and guidance can be found at their website here: