Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) In-processing

Please follow the steps below to in-process. Ensure to pay close attention to all the briefs and if after doing so you still have questions, please reach out to the specific section via email or telephone.

Step 1:
Download the CPO In-processing and Orientation Checklist by clicking here. You will need it to complete steps 2 (if applicable) and step 3.

Step 2:
**Only for new hires or personnel new to the Department of the Air Force** Complete the swear-in process. Instructions will be sent to you directly via email.

Step 3:
Click on each section to complete their action:

Step 4:
Complete Sections A, B and C sign the CPO In-processing and Orientation Checklist that you downloaded in step 1. Then, email it to the following member(s):


Step 5:
Once released from quarantine, report to your duty location and stop by the education office (Bldg. 789) to complete the Employment Development and Training Section actions (Section D of the CPO in-processing and Orientation Checklist).

Please reach out to your servicing staffer for clarification, or call the specific office directly. To locate an office’s contact information , please click on the appropriate color-box above (A,B, or C).

*COVID-19 restrictions will be strictly enforced.
If USFK Core Tenets and mask policy are not followed violators will be removed from the premises. Current USFK COVID-19 Information and guidance can be found at their website here: