Osan Social Clubs

COVID-19 Mitigation Measures  The following precautionary measures will be administered until the COVID-19 public health issue is resolved. Only on-base clubs will be allowed and each club must first be pre-approved by the Mustang Community Staff.  New club applications will automatically be forwarded to Ms. Alicia Butler from the Mustang Center for review and approval.  Members must be 18 years of age or older to participate in a club.  In addition, the size of the club will determine the size of meeting space necessary to allow for social distancing.  Access to these clubs will be limited to the following personnel:  DoD card holders, active duty military members, dependents (aged 18+), civilian workers with on-base access and Korean DoD employees.  For questions or for more information, please contact Ms. Alicia Butler at the Mustang Community Center at DSN: 784-32123, COMM 0505-784-3123 or via e-mail at alicia.butler.1@us.af.mil

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Play strategy board games and party games.
Time/Date: 1300-1800, 1st Sunday of the month and self-organized play
Location: Mustang Community Center, Bldg. 1313, Multipurpose Room
Club Leader: Quinn Luong
Email: quinnque.luong@us.af.mil

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Strategize your next move!
Time/Date: 1300-1600, 1st Saturday of the month
Location: Bldg. 916
Club Leader: Groff Jonathan
Email: jonathan.e.groff@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Osan Chess Club

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Disable your opponent through this competitive contact sport!
Time/Date: 1830, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
Location: Fitness Center
Club Leader: Arderia Corbin
Email: a.j.corbin21@gmail.com

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Learn the craft of mixing, scratching, and keeping the party going! Time/Date: 1300-1500, Saturdays
Location: USO Classroom 1
Club Leader: Robert Johnson
Email: don.wentzel@us.af.mil
Phone Number: 784-2820
Website: https://discord.gg/RP27HtD

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Osan social group dedicated to fishing in the ROK!
Time/Date/Location: Varies
Location: McPherson Center (USO), Bldg. 916, Classroom 2
Club Leaders: Derek Rabuck and James Bierman
Facebook Page: Osan Anglers
Email: jbierman@rocketmail.com

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Bring your own deck to play with friends! Time/Date: 1800, Fridays LBring your own deck to play with friends!
Time/Date: 1800, Fridays
Location: Mustang Community Center, Bldg. 1313, TAP Room
Club Leader: Martin Micah
Email: micahjamesm@gmail.com
Facebook Page: MTG Club Osan

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Take photos of picturesque scenery around Korea!
Time/Date: TBD | Contact Club POC for more information
Location: TBD
Club Leader: Alexander Scott
Email: alexander.scott@us.af.mil
Link: Osan AB Photography Club

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Build the hottest scooter on the block!
Time/Date: Varies | Contact Club POC for more information
Location: Auto Hobby Shop Bldg. 1214
Club Leader: Victor Valledominicci
Email: victor.valledominicci.1@us.af.mil
Phone Number: DSN 784-4787
Facebook Page: Osan Scooter/Moped Swap Shop

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Join in on a day ride around Korea!
Time/Date: Varies | Contact Club POC for more information
Location: Auto Hobby Shop Bldg. 1214
Club Leader: Victor Valledominicci
Email: victor.valledominicci.1@us.af.mil
Phone Number: DSN 784-4787
Facebook Page: Osan Scooter/Moped Swap Shop

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Pull up a chair with your joystick!
Time/Date: Bi-Monthly or self-organized play
Location: Mustang Community Center, Bldg. 1313
Club Leader: Aaron Ganoy
Email: lancolot98@gmail.com
Discord Link: Bulgogi Smash House

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A gathering of people to play all sorts of tabletop games like Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars X Wing, and many many more! We also discuss new sets, games, competitions, and even places where you can expand your hobby here in Korea.

Time/Date/Location: TBD
Club Leader: Colby Citte
Email: Colby.citte@us.af.mil
DSN: 784-2887
Facebook & Discord: @Osan Tabletop Gamers

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Sip and converse! Time/Date: 1100-1300, 2nd Sunday of the month Location: Officers’ Club Club Leader: Katherine Cook- Lee Email: osanwineclub@gmail.com Facebook Page: Osan Wine Club

Watch, talk about, and share your love for anime! Whether its old, new, subbed, or dubbed, help us build a positive community for sharing the joys of anime.

Meetup: 1st and 3rd Thursday, 1800 at the USO
Contact this group: https://discord.gg/2Hhpkh

POCs Dean DiNardo and Kisha Lee
email: deandinardo@icloud.com or ms.lashon2010@yahoo.com

A informative club to discuss finances, stock markets, investing, and other approaches. Novices welcome! This is an opportunity for anyone to learn more about great financial skills.

POC: Eduardo Andrade
POC Number: 1-360-842-9905
POC Email: eduardoandradegutierrez97@gmail.com

Meets: Wednesdays, 1800 at building 1436 (Main Lobby)

Contact at: financialfreedom.osan@gmail.com

A growing camping and hiking club which started here in Osan in 2015! Come join us for camping, hiking, and even BBQ! We have equipment to share! We have official chapters in Korea, USA, and Germany and are also an official chapter of the BBQ Pit Boys!

POC: Bryan Kwasniewski
POC Phone Number: 010-7563-6723
POC Email: morningcalmcampers@gmail.com

Events are scheduled via our Facebook page


Register as an Unofficial Activity

Unofficial Activity Letter

All Club Leaders must complete the Unofficial Activity Status Memo and forward it to the Private Organization Coordinator Ms. Yuju Han via email at yuju.han.kr@us.af.mil. DSN 784-8474 | COMM 0505-784-8474

No Federal Endorsement Intended. Disclaimers All members of private organizations/unofficial activities agree to hold harmless and indemnify the United States and all DoD service components, even if the request for an insurance waiver is approved.  Further, we realize that claims against the organization not limited to injury, damage, death, or destruction to property caused by negligence can impose liability on each member in the event the activity lacks insurance coverage or in the case the claim exceeds the coverage.

This is a private organization.  It is not a part of the department of defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.

*FAQs for Risk Assessment Form

Risk Assessment Form
Does every member of a club that risks some harm/danger (ex. marital arts club, motorcycle club, etc.) have to fill this out every time they have an activity or only one time for the entire club membership?

It is typically the organizational lead that will fill out the Risk Assessment form for whatever social event they may be throwing on the installation. A AF4437 will be required per event. Example, martial arts club wants to hold an event with an off-base dojo, they should fill out a AF4437 prior to that event.

What e-mail address/individual does the form go to?

The form can be emailed to the organizations/clubs as part of the process for holding events. After the preparer has filled out their part the form, it will go to our organization for review 51fwseg@us.af.mil. Or they can provide the form with the FSS events form when they need our office’s sign off. Since you oversee the organizations/clubs you can maintain the safety forms if you choose (not required). Our office will maintain a copy after the Risk Acceptance Authority has signed.

Who fills out what sections of the form (i.e. the POC of the club, the Safety Office, the individual participant, a mixture of these)?

Instructions for completing the worksheet click the “Show/Hide Help” button at the top left of the form. Anyone apart of the organization or club can act as the preparer. If they have questions on how to fill out their portion of the AF4437 they may also contact the Safety Office at DSN 784-1842. Depending on the event can determine who the RA Authority is, for example, CE wants to host a Cookout/Workout event on the base to raise money. Their RA could be their CE Commander. This is the person that would except the risk of the event. However, a base wide organization throwing a base-wide event may require the backing of the Wing CC as the RA. If needed, we can advise who should be selected as RA.

What happens if a member of a club doesn’t sign it?

4.       If the AF4437 was not completed for an event that it is needed, we would not sign off on their event. This could hinder their event approval with the base FSS office. This is typically corrected by the org/clubs. Most organizations are unaware they need to fill one out.