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Experience Korean culture with trips through ITT! Check out the calendar below for dates and details of all upcoming trips. Regularly scheduled trips include visiting the DMZ, amusement parks, shopping centers, the Korean Folk Village, trips to Seoul, and more. Enjoy the sights and festivals of Korea without worrying about directions or ordering tickets. With ITT, every part of your trip is taken care of!

Jeongdongsimgok Sea Road Trail and Terarosa Coffee HQ

6 March

Gongsanseong Fortress & Baekje Culture Land

7 March

Nami Island & Lighting at the Garden of Morning Calm

13 March

Apple Winery & Sudeok Temple

14 March

Korean Folk Village & Wawoojeong Temple

20 March

Strawberry Harvest Experience & Gwanchoksa Temple

21 March

Gosu Cave & Boat Ride at Chungju Lake

27 March

Everland Amusement Park

28 March

Yeosu Ocean Cable Car & Boseong Green Tea Fields

27-28 March
Sign up by 15 March

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Manned Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 1000-1800
Saturday-Sunday: 1000-1400

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