Mustang Cafe

Mustang Community Center – Bldg. 1313 | DSN: 784-8513 | From Cell: 0505-784-8513
Monday-Friday: 0530-2000
Saturday-Sunday: 0630-2000

Turumi Lodge – Bldg. 772 | DSN: 784-9982 | From Cell: 0505-784-9982
Monday-Sunday: 0530-1400

Officers’ Club (Bella Banini’s) – Bldg. 910 | DSN: 784-2250 | From Cell: 0505-784-2250
Monday-Friday: 0600-1400
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Mustang Café features Starbucks coffee, espresso, and specialty coffee. Doughnuts and pastries are made fresh daily at our own Mustang Baking Company. Mustang Café also has a variety of grab-and-go items such as sandwiches, bagels, pastries, and juices. Enjoy the homemade cheesecake and Dutch coffee available now!


Pick up or order fresh baked hamburger and hot dog buns at any of our three locations!