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2-Day Skiing & Snowboarding Trip


The Yongpyong Resort is located at a very inhabitable range of 700 meters above sea level. With an annual snowfall average of 250cm, the surrounding area possesses a beautiful environment, which allows for the enjoyment of a wide array of winter sports including skiing from mid-November to early April. The unsurpassed natural surroundings, abundant snowfall, and excellent snow quality highlight the attributes of its ski slopes. The total area of 1,620 hectares, with 31 ski slopes, 15 chair lifts, and 3.7km of gondola, offers skiers the best conditions for showing off their technique.



Day 1

  • 0500 – Show-Time at Outdoor Recreation, Bldg 1304 to sign Hold Harmless Waiver
  • 0530 – Depart Outdoor Recreation (short briefing about the trip will be done on the bus)
  •  ~0700 – Stop at Rest Area for 20 minutes
  •  ~0830 – Arrive at Dragon valley Resort (get your gear on and be ready to go)
  • ~0900 – Distribute Lift Tickets (good for all lifts and gondola) Buses will remain parked at Dragon valley Hotel
  • 0900-1630 – Daytime Ski/Snowboard
  • 1300-1400 – Will meet Trip reader at the hotel lobby for room key.
  • 1630-1700 – Bag ski equipment and put it in lockers. If you plan to night ski, store your gear in lockers that are available all over the resort. Absolutely no ski/snowboard gear will be brought into your room for any reason.
  • 1700-1800 – Dinner and freetime.

Day 2

*Breakfast: Ttip leader will notice.

*Check out: must be checked out NLT 1300, Check out of rooms and load personal gear onto your bus

  • 0830-0930 – Lift tickets are available for pickup in lobby (let trip leader know if you will be late)
  • 0900-1600 – Daytime ski/snowboard
  • 1100-1200 – Buses will be opened for lunch and late checkouts can load their gear onto bus
  • 1600 – BE BACK AT YOUR BUS, buses will be parked at bus parking lot Bag and load your equipment back on the bus and prepare for departure to the Base
  • 1630 – Depart Dragon Valley Hotel Resort back to Base (Buses will leave with or without you, DON’T BE LATE)
  • ~1830 – Stop at Rest Area for 20 minutes
  • ~2100 – Arrive back at Outdoor Recreation

This itinerary is subject to change

Room Details
  • Sleeping arrangements are 2 people per room
  • Each room is Western style with 2 twin beds, bathroom and shower, and TV
  • Items used in room mini bar must be paid for (they are pricy). Pay when you check out
Dining Facilities

“DORAGI” Korean Restaurant

  • Open 0700 Close 2200
  • Dragon Valley Hotel 1st Floor
  • Tel : 033-330-7134
  • Extension NO. 7134


  • Open 1800 Close 02200
  • Dragon Valley Hotel 2nd Floor
  • Tel : 033-330-7135
  • Extension NO. 7135

“YongPyeong HANU”

  • Korea Meat Restaurant
  • Open 0700 Close 2200
  • Dragon Valley Hotel Floor 1
  • Tel : 033-330-7134
  • Extension NO. 7134


Pizza & Chicken

Very Important Things You Must Know
  • Tour bus departs in front of ODR, building 1304. Please be there 15-20 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Need To Bring: Ski or Snowboard equipment, Hat and sunglasses or goggles, Wind/water proof jacket and pants, Warm clothes, Gloves, Sunscreen, Snack/Lunch or you can buy lunch there (meal prices range from W7,500 –W15,000), Won for meals or snacks at the Rest Area Camera and Change of clothes.
  • Dangers: Icy and bare spots, Cold Weather, Possibly Snowing, Steep drop-offs, Fencing along ski courses, Possible injury, seriously hurt, or death may occur, Out of control skiers/snowboarders

All cancellations must be made by close of business 8 days prior to trip

For more information, please visit Outdoor Recreation (ODR) at Bldg. 1304 or contact DSN 784-4007 during manned hours.

Manned Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday: 1000-1800
Weekends & Holidays: 1000-1600 

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