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Rafting in the Naerincheon River

Come experience the beauty of the Class II/III rapids of the Naerincheon
River! It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying beautiful scenery.

Naerincheon River located in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do Province flows into the Han River. It boasts a favorable, natural environment and its rapids are comparable to well-known rivers in other countries. Flowing down the forested mountainside of Gangwon-do, the waters are clean and clear, and the lush, wooded valleys offer spectacular views. The stream offers a balance of high, rough rapids and smooth, gentle rapids; ideal conditions for river rafting.

Naerincheon River is a popular destination for rafting enthusiasts, drawing more than a million people every summer for an adventure in the valleys. Recognized for its unique beauty as well as various routes which resulted in winning the 2007 World Rafting Competition.


0545 Show time to sign Hold Harmless Waiver

0600 Depart Outdoor Recreation

~0745 Stop at Rest Area for 30 minutes

~0930 Arrive at rafting equipment site to get helmet, floatation vest and paddle

0930~ 1130 River rafting on Naerinchon River

1130 ~1300 Shower, change, and eat lunch (bring Won for lunch)

1400 Depart Naerinchon River

~1600 Stop at Rest Area for 30 minutes

~1700 Arrive at Outdoor Recreation

This itinerary is subject to change

Very Important Things You Must Know

  • Tour bus departs from Outdoor Recreation, building 1304. Please be there 15-20 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Items To Bring: Dry clothes, towel, shoes (water shoes or old sneakers), sunscreen, Snacks /food /water, camera, sunglasses, and won for meals or snacks at the rest area
  • Items NOT To Bring: Alcohol beverages and flip flops
  • Dangers: Sunburn, inability to swim, windburn, fear of water, exposure to cold water/weather (hypothermia), panicky when thrown from raft, faulty life jacket, inability to get back in raft, strong currents/rapids, rapidly changing weather, & poor physical condition

All cancellations must be made by close of business 3 days prior to trip

For more information, please visit Outdoor Recreation (ODR) at Bldg. 1304 or contact DSN 784-4007 during manned hours.

Manned Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday: 1000-1800
Weekends & Holidays: 1000-1600 

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