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Overnight Phoenix Park Resort
Skiing & Snowboarding Trip


A three-hour drive from Osan, Phoenix Park offers the most extensive selection and ski/snowboard instruction for novice skiers; it also provides various practical courses for riders at any level. Many Korean universities send students for group events and ski classes as the venue is famous for its impeccable handling of large groups, and because of the accessibility of restaurants, shops and rooms, even with massive crowds. On the downside, skiers will not be able to enjoy a peaceful run on the slopes, especially as the courses as the lower grounds will be mostly jammed with beginners and instructors. If you get sick of the crowds and snow, head to the Park’s impeccably clean and family-friendly indoor water park Blue Canyon for a change.

1095, Myeonon-ri, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-Do


Day 1

  • 0500 – Show-Time at Outdoor Recreation, Bldg 1304 to sign Hold Harmless Waiver
  • 0530 – Depart Outdoor Recreation (short briefing about the trip will be done on the bus)
  • ~0700 – Stop at Rest Area for 20 minutes
  • ~0830 – Arrive at Phoenix Park (get your gear on and be ready to go)
  • ~0900 – Distribute Lift Tickets (good for all lifts and gondola)
  • 0900 – 1630 – Daytime Ski/Snowboard
  • 1330 – meet at the Bus for check-in
  • 1800 – meet at the Lobby for dinner (Poung-gyeong-ma-ru in Center Plaza)

Day 2

  • 0700 – 0930 – Breakfast at Poung-gyeong-ma-ru in Center Plaza
  • 0900 – 0930 – Pick-up lift ticket at the Lobby
  • 0900 – 1600 – Daytime ski/snowboard
  • 1130 – Bus open, Must check out by 1130
  • 1600 – Depart the Phoenix Park to Base (Buses will leave with or without you, DON’T BE LATE)
  • ~1830 – Stop at Rest Area for 20 minutes
  • ~2100 – Arrive back at Outdoor Recreation

This itinerary is subject to change


Room Details

  • Sleeping arrangements are 2 people per room 
  • Each room is Western style with 2 twin beds, bathroom and shower and TV 
  • Items used in a room mini bar must be paid for (they are pricey). Pay when you check out 

Dining Facilities

  • Jasmina
    • Open  0700  Close 1000
    • Phoenix Hotel   1St  Floor
    • Tel : 033-330-7135
    • Morning buffet
  • Starbucks Coffee
    • Center Plaza 2ND floor
    • Tel: 033-332-5166
  • Domino’s    033-330-3082 
  • BBQ Chicken  033-330-6315

Very Important Things You Must Know

  • Tour bus departs in front of ODR, building 1304. Please be at Outdoor Recreation 15-30 minutes before departure.
  • Need To Bring: Ski or Snowboard equipment, Hat and sunglasses or goggles, Wind/water proof jacket and pants, Warm clothes, Gloves, Sunscreen, Snack/Lunch or you can buy lunch there (meal prices range from W10,000 –W17,000), Won for meals or snacks at the Rest Area, Camera and Change of clothes.
  • Dangers: Icy and bare spots, Cold Weather, Possibly Snowing, Steep drop-offs, Fencing along ski courses, Possible injury, seriously hurt, or death may occur, Out of control skiers/snowboarders

All cancellations must be made by close of business 15 days prior to trip

For more information, please visit Outdoor Recreation (ODR) at Bldg. 1304 or contact DSN 784-4007 during manned hours.

Manned Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday: 1000-1800
Weekends & Holidays: 1000-1600 

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