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Thrill Rides at Cheongpung Land

Bungee Jumping

Cheongpung Land has Korea’s highest bungee jump board at 62 meters. Since it is faces Cheongpung Lake, the thrill is beyond words. With an
additional safety belt attached there need to be no worries about any type of danger. In case of accidents, an artificial pool is set up at the falling point of the lake. Cheongpung Land possesses Korea’s first ejection seat and big swing, which involves flying through the sky drawing a semi-circle in the direction of gravity. Not only is Cheongpung Land located next to Cheongpung Lake, but you can also take a good look at the Sugyeong Fountain which sprouts water 162m high in the air.


0745 Show time to sign Hold Harmless Waiver

0800 Depart Outdoor Recreation

~ 0930 Stop at Rest Area for 30 minutes

~1100 Arrive at Cheongpung Land

1130 ~1200 Make a group for Bungee Jump, Ejection Seat, Big Swing

1230 ~1300 Bungee Jumping, Ejection Seating, Big Swing

~1500 Depart Cheongpung Land

1600 Arrive at Outdoor Recreation

This itinerary is subject to change

Very Important Things You Must Know

  • Tour bus departs from Outdoor Recreation, building 1304. Please be there 15-20 minutes prior to departure time.
  • There is weight limit: 80 lbs ~ 235 lbs
  • Items To Bring: Comfortable clothes, sunglasses/goggles, wind of waterproof jacket, gloves, sunscreen, snack/lunch/water, camera and Won for meals of snacks
  • Dangers: Safety harness fails, dislocation, human error, eye trauma, rope burn, uterine prolapsed, bruises, whiplash, pinched fingers, back injury

All cancellations must be made by close of business 3 days prior to trip

For more information, please visit Outdoor Recreation (ODR) at Bldg. 1304 or contact DSN 784-4007 during manned hours.

Manned Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Friday: 1000-1800
Weekends & Holidays: 1000-1600 

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