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Daecheon Beach Day

Daecheon Beach, located in Boryeong-si is a 3.5 k –long, 300ft –wide sandy beach. There is a very small slope and sand is clean, making it popular summer vacation spot. Being on the western coast, it is famous for its sunset views. The beach area is divided into the areas of Citizen Tower, Mud Square, and Foundation Plaza. In particular, Boryeong Mud Festival, held every July, is a popular festival among domestic and international tourists.


0645 -Show time to sign Hold Harmless Waiver

0700 -Depart at Outdoor Recreation                                                                                                    

0900 -Arrive at Daecheon Beach                                                                                                                                                 

0910~1400 –Free time & Lunch                                                                                                         

1415 -Depart at Daecheon Beach                                                                                               

1600 –Arrive at Outdoor Recreation

Emergency number : Mr. Hong   010-9089-8072
** This itinerary is subject to change

Very Important Things that You Must Know

– The tour bus leaves in front of Outdoor Recreation, building 1304. Please be here 15-20 minutes prior to departure.

– Include Transportation, and guide.

– Items To Bring: Comfortable clothes, sunglasses/goggles, wind of waterproof  jacket, gloves, sunscreen, snack/lunch/water, camera and  Won for meals of snacks

– Dangers: Slippery roads, improper clothing, wet roads, poor physical condition, blow-outs, changing weather and lacking knowledge of rules

For more information, please visit Outdoor Recreation (ODR) at Bldg. 1304 or contact DSN 784-4007 during manned hours.

Manned Hours of Operation:

Tuesday-Friday: 1000-1800

Weekends & Holidays: 1000-1600

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