Officers’ Club

The Osan Officers’ Club features a large ballroom, dining room, special function room, cashier’s cage, and Pub.

Looking for somewhere to have a promotion ceremony, a hail and farewell, or a quarterly awards event? Look no further! The ballroom can accommodate groups of all sizes and guarantees a successful and memorable event.

Bldg. 910 | DSN: 784-6900 | From Cell: 0505-784-6900

The Dining Room
Themed Lunch Buffet
Monday-Friday: 1100-1300
Monday: Touch of Tuscany w/Pasta Bar
Tuesday: Southern Comfort
Wednesday: Asian w/Oriental Noodle Bar
Thursday: Santa Fe w/Fajita Bar
Friday: American Favorites w/Baked Potato Bar

Sunday Brunch
Sundays: 1000-1330

Genghis Mongolian BBQ
Tuesdays: 1730-2000

Taco Thursday
Thursdays: 1630-1900

The Pub
Thursdays: 1630-2200
Fridays: 1630-2400

• Catering Menu

• Catering Menu (Reception & Beverages)

Sunday Brunch
Members Adults: $17.99 / Ages 7-12: $7.99 / Ages 0-6: Free
Non-members Adults: $19.99 / Ages 7-12: $8.99 /Ages 0-6: Free

Themed Lunch Buffet
Members Adults: $10.99 / Ages 7-12: $4.99 / Ages 0-6: Free
Non-members Adults: $11.99 / Ages 7-12: $5.99 / Ages 0-6: Free

Genghis Mongolian BBQ
(total weight of meats & vegetables)
*Minimum purchase of $10 per plate required to get member discount
*No Sharing (kids under 5 may share)

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