Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Battle in one of the most iconic fighting games with classic characters like Mario and more recently added characters like Terry Bogard. Bring your competitive spirit to fight for the prizes and be the best!

Make sure to join the tournament on Saturday, 21 August from 1200-2000! It’s FREE to enter!
Coming in September: Saturday, 18 September Tournament

Sign up now at Bulgogi Smash House Discord

Watch the stream!

There are no age limitations or experience requirements!

Anyone who has access to the base can compete!

We also offer refreshments like water, soda, popcorn, and other snacks for the competitors.

Get a chance to compete amongst others in this Super Smash Bros Tournament! Play nostalgic game characters like Mario, Sonic, and many more.

This can be your opportunity to socialize and bond with other people who have similar interests as you!

The tournament is set up bracket-style for all 1v1 competitors.

All characters are available but there is a list of stages to choose from that are considered tournament friendly.

Contact the Mustang Community Center Bldg. 1313 or call 784-3123 for more information.