Trivia Night

Tuesdays, 1730

Trivia consists of 5 categories with a mix of general knowledge and specific topics. Prizes are given to the top three teams! Earn 5 extra points each week your team competes! Extra points are added to your Trivia Championship score.

*Teams are required to register their team name to earn these bonus points.

Located in the E Club Ballroom
Register your team by 5:30 pm
No entry fees!

Consistent team names:

Smarty Pints / PA Parazzi / Grouches / Chubby Cheeseheads / Georgia Pacific / Game Pants

Last weeks winners were the Chubby Cheeseheads, previous week was We Know Things, another week before Grouches, then Game Pants

  • There isn’t really a reigning champ because often a team wins a few and then a different team wins a few

Prizes: weekly trivia prize is 4 $25 FSS Giftcards to the winning team

Trivia Champs awards: 4 DragonHill Lodge Vouchers to first, 4 $25 FSS Giftcards to 2nd and 4 $10 FSS Giftcards to 3rd

The Full enlisted Club menu is available to order, but bonus rounds could win you a free appetizer: choice of Mozzarella Sticks, Fried Pickles, Yaki Mandu, or the Garlic Crack Bread

Check out our weekly special with the eclub for dinner with your team
Full enlisted club menu is available