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Check out the calendar below for dates and details of all upcoming trips. Regularly scheduled trips include visiting amusement parks, shopping centers, the Korean Folk Village, trips to Seoul, and more. Enjoy the sights and festivals of Korea without worrying about directions or ordering tickets. With ITT, every part of your trip is taken care of!

Nami Island & the Garden of Morning Calm

Saturday, 13 July | 0600-1800
$60/adult, $55/kids (3-12yrs)

Walk through the tree-lined paths, visit artistic installations, and enjoy outdoor activities that connect you with nature. Transition to the Garden of Morning Calm, a botanical wonderland of Korea’s natural landscapes.

Apple Winery & Sudeok Temple

Saturday, 13 July | 0800-1730

Take this opportunity to make your apple pie while learning about apple wineries at this beautiful site. In Sudeok Temple, you can explore its historic and tranquil halls.

Zoo at the Seoul Grand Park

Saturday, 13 July | 0900-1800

Join us for a family trip to Seoul Grand Park Zoo and meet the Lowland Gorillas. Be amazed as you visit the diverse animal exhibits showcasing species from all over the world.

Gosu Cave & Boat Ride at Chungju Lake

Sunday, 14 July | 0730-1800

Explore the depths and the stunning stalactites, stalagmites, and other formations at the Gosu Cave. Then, relax on a nice ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery on Chungju Lake.

Hyundai Motorstudio Experience & Aqua Planet

Sunday, 14 July | 0800-1830

The largest automobile theme park in Korea that o  ers fun and excitement! Visitors will learn about how cars are manufactured and how they function. Aqua Planet ILSAN is a super large aquarium located in the metropolitan area. It has over 50,000 marine creatures of 360 species.

DMZ & Tunnel #3 (Exclude JSA)

Saturday, 20 July | 0700-1700

Visit the Demilitarized Zone to learn about the history of the Korean War and have a glimpse of North Korea from the observatory towers. Walk inside the 3rd in  ltration tunnel, an invasion route beneath the border of North and South Korea.

Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach

Saturday, 20 July | 0700-1930

Visit one of the most famous festivals in South Korea. A mud pool, mud slides, mud prison, and many more muddy attractions are waiting for you. They will have live music, competitions, and more.

Baseball Game | NC vs KT

Saturday, 20 July | 1530-2300

Live the experience of a Korean baseball game, one of the most popular sports in the country. Feel the adrenaline with every play and cheer with the locals!

Hwalok Cave Kayaking & Electric Cruise Ship

Sunday, 21 July | 0730-1800

This cave is considered one of the largest former mine sites in Asia. You will   nd lightning art, wine storage, historic exhibitions, and even kayaking.

COEX Mall, Aquarium & Bongeun Temple

Sunday, 21 July | 0900-1700

Enter the iconic library at the COEX Mall and explore the variety of stores and culinary delights it has to o  er. The Aquarium will provide information about more than 40,000 sea creatures from 60 di  erent species. End the day at the Bongeun Temple, a nice place to relax the mind.

Lotte World Tower & Seoul Night Sky Observatory

Friday, 26 July | 1700-2330 | $45

Get a chance to visit the 5th tallest building in the world while enjoying the night lights and scenery from the beautiful city of Seoul. It also has the world’s   rst 4 side elevator with a monitor showing the history of South Korea.

Daecheon Beach with Zip-Trek at West Coast

Saturday, 27 July | 0730-1800

Enjoy the Zip-trek with a beautiful beach view. This trek has a 600-meter zip line that crosses over the West Sea at 150 feet in the air. Daecheon Beach is a great tourist destination.

Anmyeondo Recreational Forest, Beach Sunset & Taean Light Festival

Saturday, 27 July | 1230-2330

This recreational forest is famous for the tranquil and fresh breeze that the pine trees provide. At the Taean Light Festival, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while you watch the LED light show.

Seoul City Tour

Sunday, 28 July | 0800-1730

The best tour to see several great sites around the city. Visit the Gyeongbok Palace, Cheonggyecheon Stream, the Jogyesa Temple, and many more!

Jeju Island Tour

Saturday to Monday, 31 Aug-2 Sept | 0630-1600
Early bird price: Double: $520 | Single: $690 | Kids: $250
Pay by Wednesday, 3 July.

Regular price: Double: $560 | Single: $730 | Kids: $270

Explore the charming island of Korea. Jeju is known for it’s beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, volcano, and many other activities throughout the year. Includes round trip fare, transportation, hotel room with breakfast, and admissions.

Sign up by Sunday, 4 August.


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