Unit Funds (Mwr Funds)

What are Unit Funds (MWR Funds)?

Osan Air Base Morale Welfare and Recreation Fund budget non-appropriated funds to support organizational parties, picnics or similar activities. After allowances for base-wide and group level events, the FY 24 approved budget provides funds not to exceed $8.00 per military and civilian employee for squadron parties and picnics. Annual funding will be determined by strength reports including Military, Katusa and US/KN civilian member assigned to the unit as of 30 Sep of the previous fiscal year and funding will be allocated to installation Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Funds by Air Force Services Activity guidance.

How Long Are Unit Funds Available For Use?

The funds are available for one fiscal year (Oct 1st thru Sep 30th). Unit Funds must be spent NLT 30 September annually; the funding will not roll over. All unit funds must be spent prior to the end of the fiscal year. No exceptions to policy.

Authorized Use of Unit Funds

The only authorized use of Unit funds is for unit parties, unit picnics or squadron activities. Organization’s POC can purchase food, drinks (excluding alcoholic beverages), paper or plastic plates and cups, napkins, utensils, etc. associated with a party or picnic including catering the function, rental equipment. Squadrons may purchase authorized items at any on or off base location. Unit Funds (MWR Funds) are designated to support social event restricted to unit level picnics and parties. Expenditures should directly support the overall morale and welfare of unit personnel. Whole squadron members including all military and civilian employees must be attended the event since these funds are not part of an individual recognition or awards program (not for leadership). Attendance or benefit should not be limited to authorized groups of enlisted, officers, or civilians. The event must not be restricted to specific ranks or grades of personnel. The function must include civilian members. Maximum participation across the unit is encouraged.

Unauthorized Use of Unit Funds

– Alcoholic beverages.
– Gift/mementos or items authorized under APF funding
– Change of Command/Retirement Ceremonies
– Induction or Promotion Ceremonies
– Hail and Farewells or Unit Training
– Awards Ceremonies in conjunction with mission exercises
– Protocol Functions
– Any other event for individuals or a group, i.e. lunch for NCO only
– Mission authorized expenditures
– Welcome Home Ceremonies
– Donations of Unit Funds to other organizations are not authorized.

→ Common Reasons Reimbursements Are Not Made

• Event dated 11 Dec 23 requested on 12 Dec 23.
Unit Fund expenditures must be requested and approved in advance.
• Alcohol is not reimbursable.
• Unit Funds are not part of an individual recognition or awards program (not for leadership)

How Are Funds Accessed?

1. In the month of October each year, The 51 FSS/FSR emails each organizational commander of the expenditure authority amount available to his organization with Unit Fund Allocation Memorandum and Request Form.
2. Unit commander appoints a responsible person to be the POC for the unit party or picnic to coordinate with the FSR.

Procedure to request Unit Funds

1.Submit a request letter signed by the squadron/unit commander. Include the number of military and civilians expected to attend and as many additional details as possible.
2. Advance approval is required for unit fund requests in all cases. Request must be submitted NLT 5 days prior to the function date.
3. Once complete, email the form to 51 FSS/FSR mailbox at 51FSS.FSR@us.af.mil.
4. You will be notified by email when the funds (via cash) are ready for pick-up.
5. Once you received the email, visit the 51 FSS/FSR first.
(51 FSS/FSR: Bldg 937, Rm 203 – Behind Enlisted Club and USO)
6. Submit 2 documents that you’ve got from the 51 FSS/FSR to the NAF Central Cashier.
(Central Cashier Cage: Bldg 937, Rm 102 – Inside studio 51 print shop).
7. Funds for authorized preapproved food, nonalcoholic beverage, supplies, or any other costs directly associated with the event will be made to the unit POC via cash from the NAF Central Cashier Cage.
8. Return all original receipts to 51 FSS/FSR (Bldg 937, Rm 203) within 20 business days of your event taking place.

* All original receipts to which you used the funds for and remaining funds must be turned-in the 51 FSS/FSR, 20 business days after receipt disbursement of funds. Once you return both receipts and residual funds to the 51 FSS/FSR, we can provide the MWR Funds to your unit next fiscal year.

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