Youth Sports


* Important Notes: Copy of immunizations, to include the flu shot is required. On the AF 88, nothing can be blank. Most boxes are self-explanatory, but couple of explanations:

1) Home Address → Put APO
2) Emergency Contact → put a local emergency contact’s (not the parent) name, and their local number goes in the “emergency phone” box.
3) Youth Home Email → Put spouse’s or sponsor’s personal email
4) Sponsor’s Work Email → Must be their gov/mil email
5) Hobbies/Interests → Cannot be blank – please put at least one item

Use blue/black ink if handwriting. If a mistake is made, draw one line through it, put initial, and put the correction next to it.

*Please send to 

Dates to Know


Coaching Youth Sports is a great way to make a positive impact on Team Osan, enhance athleticism in the youth, earn volunteer hours, and receive an LOA for your commitment!

– Complete Volunteer/Coach Application, DD2981, DD3058, and DD2793.
– Complete CPR certification training & the NAYS Coach Clinic (provided by Youth Sports)
– Be 18 years or olderCoaches are eligible to volunteer for multiple seasons throughout the year.

How to turn in completed packets:
– E-mail completed packets to 
– Drop off at Youth Sports Office, Bldg. 492
– Drop off at Human Resources office, Bldg. 936, Room #112.

Please visit the Human Resources office, Bldg. 936, Room #112 to get your finger prints. 

or complete 4 files below

Parents Info

For more information, contact the Osan Youth Programs at 784-1492 or 784-4668