Military Personnel Flight

Bldg. 936, First Floor
DSN: 784-1666 | From Cell: 0505-784-1666

For Customer Support, Force Management, and Passport
Monday-Friday: 0730-1530 (walk-ins)

For Outbound Assignments, Reenlistment, DEROS Management, Promotions, and Retirements and Separations
Monday-Friday: 0730 to 1200 (walk-ins); 1300 to 1530 (by appointment)

The 51 FSS Military Personnel Flight is making life easier for YOU!
Effective 8 Nov 2021, Customers will be able to sign-in for walk-in and schedule appointments through Waitwhile.

Key Points to highlight:

1. Eliminate in-person lines: Customers will be capable to sign-in and wait for their requested service remotely, using their cellular devices.
2. Customer Focus: Our customers will have the ability to choose where they sign-in – whether it be from a Wait Station, using their cellular device, through QR Code, or even directly from the website. Whether they’re stuck at the gate, or running errands, members can now sign-in from anywhere and be added to the queue.
3. Mission Focus: Our customers will have the option to sign-in from their work centers and wait for their turn while they continue their mission.
4. Open Lines of Communication: Our new program will allow for us as MPF Representatives to communicate before, during, and even after a visit with our customers. Topics like order/wait status, requirements for their requested service, etc. can be communicated to the customer.
5. Build Customer Profiles: This feature will allow for MPF Representatives to build a tailored profile for each of our customers, which we could then utilize to better serve them for future visits.

** Useful Links

> ID Cards Appointment Scheduler

> Base In Processing Calendar & Sign-up

*Link only accessible on NIPR computers

*COVID-19 restrictions will be strictly enforced.