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The 51 FSS Military Personnel Flight is making life easier for YOU!
Effective 8 Nov 2021, Customers will be able to sign-in for walk-in and schedule appointments through Waitwhile.


1. Officer Static Close Out Date (SCOD)

Why is the Air Force transitioning to Officer SCOD?

(1) To synchronize performance assessment

(2) To provide more clarity of performance assessment knowing every officer has the same reporting period creating greater transparency in the evaluation

(3) To provide predictability allowing all officers to clearly know when their evaluation will close out

(4) To provide consistency with transformative improvements to promotion and evaluations in both officer and enlisted

Officer SCOD OPRs Implementation:

 will use accounting dates to establish the officer’s assigned unit and the rating chain responsible for processing and signing the evaluation on the SCOD. Accounting dates will be approximately 120 days before SCOD and established as third day of the month.

will occur in phases-the first SCOD will begin with 2d and 1st Lieutenants on 31 Oct 22 followed by Colonels on 28 Feb 23, Lieutenant Colonels and Majors on 31 May 23, and Captain on 31 Aug 23.

eliminates the need for CRO evaluations. (CRO will be eliminated in phases)

eliminates the need to maintain legacy evaluation product like education and training reports (TRs) and letters of evaluations (LOEs). (Instead myEval will include a feature, “Education & Training Input” that will be used to document academic and training accomplishments on the SCOD OPR)

Transition Plan:

Similar to Enlisted transition to SCODs, Officers will have a transition plan that provides accelerated and equitable steps to begin the first SCOD for each grade. The transition plan ensures no officer’s first SCOD OPF is less than six-month reporting period or exceeds a 16-month reporting period.

Here’s the link for more details on Officer SCOD:

2. Mandatory Special Issuance Passport (SIP) deadline extended from 31 Mar 22 to 30 Sep 22

The requirement for SIP has been extended from 31 Mar 22 to 30 Sep 22. Civilians, their eligible family members and eligible military family members on official travel can continue to use their blue tourist passport with a signed DoD Passport Agent Memo stating the SIP application was submitted prior to departure from the point of origin. The SIP memo can be found in the Foreign Clearance Guide website. Boarding WILL NOT be allowed without the proper credentials. Additionally, this extension will provide additional time for personnel residing in Korea who still need a SIP to obtain one prior to any future official travel. We still highly encourage all affected personnel in Korea to continue processing SIP requests to meet the 31 Mar 22 deadline. Note: Changes will be formalized in the Foreign Clearance Guide and posted to Passport Matters soon.

3. Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System (AFIPPS) go-live date delayed until FY24

Full implementation of AFIPPS has been delayed until FY24. Continued development requirements and testing delays preclude the ability to deploy AFIPPS, as planned, in June of 2022. AFIPPS addresses complex data conversions with over 230 entitlements across 18M records with 500 fast formulas and 138M evaluations across our 550K total force members. As primary system development concluded, and integration testing started, there were significant issues noted…enough not to deploy as planned.

Key Points to highlight:

1. Eliminate in-person lines: Customers will be capable to sign-in and wait for their requested service remotely, using their cellular devices.
2. Customer Focus: Our customers will have the ability to choose where they sign-in – whether it be from a Wait Station, using their cellular device, through QR Code, or even directly from the website. Whether they’re stuck at the gate, or running errands, members can now sign-in from anywhere and be added to the queue.
3. Mission Focus: Our customers will have the option to sign-in from their work centers and wait for their turn while they continue their mission.
4. Open Lines of Communication: Our new program will allow for us as MPF Representatives to communicate before, during, and even after a visit with our customers. Topics like order/wait status, requirements for their requested service, etc. can be communicated to the customer.
5. Build Customer Profiles: This feature will allow for MPF Representatives to build a tailored profile for each of our customers, which we could then utilize to better serve them for future visits.

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