Military Personnel Flight

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Key Points to highlight

1. Eliminate in-person lines: Customers will be capable to sign-in and wait for their requested service remotely, using their cellular devices.

2. Customer Focus: Our customers will have the ability to choose where they sign-in – whether it be from a Wait Station, using their cellular device, through QR Code, or even directly from the website. Whether they’re stuck at the gate, or running errands, members can now sign-in from anywhere and be added to the queue.

3. Mission Focus: Our customers will have the option to sign-in from their work centers and wait for their turn while they continue their mission.

4. Open Lines of Communication: Our new program will allow for us as MPF Representatives to communicate before, during, and even after a visit with our customers. Topics like order/wait status, requirements for their requested service, etc. can be communicated to the customer.

5. Build Customer Profiles: This feature will allow for MPF Representatives to build a tailored profile for each of our customers, which we could then utilize to better serve them for future visits.


Tourist Passport

Unfortunately, our passports office can only process special issued passports (i.e. diplomatic, official and no-fee). Tourist passports are processed by the US embassy in Seoul. If it is your first time, they require you to visit their office, however, if it is for a renewal, they can do the application process via their courier service. Please see below for their website that contains all the guidelines and instructions for personal passports:

Please click on the tab/link that states US Citizen Services.


If you are out-processing, please contact the base passport office with a copy of your PCS orders so that we may confirm your PCS requirements per the Foreign Clearance Guide. Once you contact the passport office and we confirm your requirements, you will be given a Passport Memorandum, which is a required document for your final out-processing appointment. If you or your dependent(s) are required to apply for a Special Issued Passport as outlined in the Foreign Clearance Guide, please email our workbox to accomplish the passport application. Once you have completed the application and have the required documentation, outlined in the passport application instructions, email our workbox to schedule an appointment with the passport agent.

TDY Process

If you are going TDY and require a Special Issuance Passport please contact the passport office to receive the passport application instructions. Once application has been completed and you have the required documentation, outlined in the passport application instructions, email our workbox to schedule an appointment.

DSN: 315.784.1666

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The MPF is closed for Down Days and holidays.


Per the State Departments website, the routine processing time can take up to 6 to 9 weeks. Expedited services are on a case-by-case basis and will have to be approved by the state department. *Processing times begin the day we receive your application at a passport agency or center, not the day you mail your application or apply. *Appointments are Required for Passport Applications. Walk-in Services are for Document Verification, Passport pickup and Questions only.

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