Summer Hire

Students ages 14-23 can work up to 32 hours per week at various Air Force Units on Osan 21 June – 13 August 2021.

Download the Summer Hire Application below!

Two ways to turn in!

💻  Email it to
🏢  Head on over to the Civilian Personnel Office, Bldg. 936, first floor. 

Application Deadline: Friday, 19 March. 

*Military or civilian dependents must hold SOFA status or have PCS orders to apply.

Need more information? Visit the following sites for details!

Civilian Personnel Office | Bldg. 936 | 1st floor | DSN 784-4218
Monday – Friday | 0800-1500

*COVID-19 restrictions will be strictly enforced.
If USFK Core Tenets and mask policy are not followed violators will be removed from the premises. Current USFK COVID-19 Information and guidance can be found at their website here: