7th Air Force, the 51st Fighter Wing, and its Tenant Units play a vital role in protecting the Republic of Korea and its 51 million citizens and will continue to do so for years to come. Our installation houses many different missions, from Fight Tonight (F2N) fighter aircraft, to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets, and Command & Control (C2) missions to a massive Air Mobility Command aerial port. As these missions shift and adapt to fit the needs of the Air Force and its sister services, we will strive to keep you updated as appropriate.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Osan AB has been a staple of the Pyeongtaek area since it was first established in 1953. As the local area has grown and developed, so has the base! While we have many modern amenities, many of our facilities are past their prime and available space is extremely limited. The 51st Civil Engineer Squadron’s Haetaes, charged with maintaining the base facilities, have millions of dollars of improvement projects planned for the next 10 years, with help from the US Army’s 411th Contracting Support Brigade, Army Corps of Engineers, and ROK support. Understanding that funding is not always guaranteed, and timelines can slip for a variety of reasons, below is a list of major projects to look forward to!

New Base Chapel

Status: Construction Complete

Our new Chapel includes an open setting sanctuary, 8 classrooms accommodating more than 100 students, and a full kitchen to meet the spiritual needs of all members.

New AAFES Express with Gas Station

Status: Under Construction – Estimated opening of Summer 2024!

This project, funded and executed by AAFES, provides a larger, modernized Express with 7 upgraded fuel stations as well as much needed support for diesel vehicles.

New Child Development Center (CDC)

Status: Under Construction – Estimated opening of Fall 2024!

This project brings Osan childcare into the 21st century and greatly expands childcare availability! Consolidating CDC and School Aged Care into a single facility, the new CDC adds space for 208 additional children, bringing the total to 274 spaces across both programs and improves convenience for families with children in both.

Korea Air Operations Center

Status: Design Complete – Construction begins Spring 2025

The new state-of-the-art KAOC consolidates and upgrades existing Command & Control spaces on base. While this project will be largely transparent to most people around base, you may experience traffic delays due to the number of vehicles required during certain phases of construction.

Sports Complex

Status: In-Design – First steps begin Winter 2024, with additional projects through 2035

With the loss of the current sports fields due to the KAOC construction, demolition of old dorm buildings in the base’s East Community Campus enables construction of a new Sports Complex. The new complex is conveniently located behind OMHS, just a short walk from the MFH Towers, and will include space to accommodate baseball/softball, soccer, frisbee, basketball, tennis, and pickleball. It will also include a pavilion, playgrounds, a running path, public restrooms, and most importantly, ample parking!

DODEA Middle/High School Modernization

Status: In-Design – Construction expected 2028

DoDEA is currently preparing for significant upgrades to the OMHS campus. Anticipated improvements include modernization of their facilities and improvements to athletic facilities. This work is still in conceptual phases and additional details are expected to be available late 2024 to early 2025.

Osan 2030+

Osan 2030+ is the base’s long-term development plan which includes demolishing and rebuilding facilities in order to create new campuses that group similar mission focuses into coherent, functioning communities. This is an enormous team effort that will include a new, centrally located Consolidated Support Facility to better serve our members. It also includes relocating the Logistics Readiness Squadron to a new and improved compound, consolidating the Civil Engineer Squadron functions, building new parking facilities, and so much more. Of course, none of this could be done without the enormous support of our ROK partners.