Booking Your Travel

Once you receive PCS orders, contact your losing base’s Traffic Management Office (TMO). All official travel will be arranged by TMO in accordance with the DoD order of precedence. Additional travel information can be found on the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) website.

Korean Entry RequirementsConcurrent Travel Orders

Travel regulations and conditions change regularly, be sure to check the Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG) for Korean Entry requirements.

Concurrent Travel Orders

Dependent(s) must meet the following 2 conditions to travel with the sponsor:

  • Be Command Sponsored and included on the member’s PCS orders
  • Have an official, No-Fee Passport (or have proof of application for No-Fee passports if they have not been received)

If these criteria are not met, DoD members will travel unaccompanied, and dependents will follow at a later date. If dependent travel will be delayed more than 60 days, contact the Military Personnel Flight (Active Duty) or AFPC (Civilian Employees) to have your PCS orders amended.

Deferred Travel Orders

Deferred travel orders will be required if dependent travel will be delayed more than 61 days after the arrival of the sponsor. Once the family members are ready to PCS and have been issued a No-Fee Passport, the DoD member will receive orders authorizing dependent travel from the closest military installation on or within 60 days of the “availability date” listed on orders. Contact that installation’s TMO to arrange family travel.

Paying for Flights

All official travel must be arranged by the TMO, Passenger Travel section. Reimbursement of travel costs may not be granted if you self-procure travel without proper authorization specifically stated on the PCS orders.

The DoD member will use a Government Travel Card (GTC) to pay for flights made at the Commercial Travel Office (CTO). The member will then claim reimbursement by filling out a travel voucher during in-processing at Osan.

Booking Your Travel

All travel arrangements must be made through the Traffic Management Office (TMO) at your losing duty station.

  • To get tickets, the dependent names on the No-Fee passports and PCS orders must match exactly
  • Infants will be given their own seat

Tips for Preparing for Flight Day

  • Hand-carry medical, dental, and school records
  • Hand-carry important family documents
  • Hand-carry original prescriptions for any medication in your baggage
  • Hand-carry pet documentation, pet food, and supplies
  • Ensure you have contact info for your overseas sponsor, hotel, etc.
  • Sign up for free call/message apps on phone/tablet
  • Bring international power adapters

Note: Check with your airline beforehand to see if you can carry certain childcare items onto the plane, like strollers, pack-n-plays, and car seats.

Flying via the AMC Seattle-Tacoma International Gateway

  • Flight schedules/delays/changes/notifications can be found on the AMC travel website
  • Check the AMC travel website frequently for updates
  • If you experience issues/delays during travel, contact your losing command and/or Traffic Management Office for guidance