Items & Documents to Hand-Carry

Important Documents to Hand-Carry During Travel

Below is a list of mandatory, or highly recommended, documents to hand-carry during your PCS. Having these organized and readily available will make your move go more smoothly. This list may not be all-encompassing depending on your specific situation, so be sure to check with specific agencies to verify requirements prior to departure.

  • Orders with all Amendments: 10 copies per adult/5 copies per child. Dependents’ names included on orders must match EXACTLY
  • Birth/Death Certificates: At least 1 certified original AND 2 color photocopies for each traveler
  • Social Security Cards: For all family members, and one photocopy each
  • Passports: Both No-Fee and Tourist, if you have them. If dependents with command sponsorship have not received No-Fees, bring proof of application documentation. It’s also recommended to also have 1 color photocopy of ID pages in each traveler’s carry-on bag
  • Drive Licenses: Original and Color Photocopies
  • Marriage Certificate: Certified original AND 2 color photocopies
  • Legal Documents: Certified originals AND 2 photocopies (custody, adoption, etc.)
  • Power(s) of Attorney: Wet-signed originals AND 2 copies
  • Immunization/Medical/Dental Records, & Prescriptions: Paper copies if provided by your losing MTF, including any from civilian providers
  • Medication: Carry enough to last through the move and your in-processing time, and include original paper prescriptions for any controlled medications
  • School Records: Include report cards, standardized test scores, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), transcripts, and other relevant academic documents
  • Vehicle Documents: Registration, insurance information, and shipping documents
  • Housing Documents: Lease, rental agreements, or mortgage documents
  • Financial Records: Bank statements, credit/debit cards, login information
  • Employment Records: Resumes, references, letters of recommendation, and transcripts
  • Insurance Policies: Health, dental, auto, and household goods insurance documents
  • Emergency Contacts List: Including family, friends, doctors, dentists, losing unit/base, and anyone else who may be important to reach while you are offline
  • Receipts/Records of Moving Expenses: Including lodging for reimbursement purposes
  • HHG Inventory: List valuable items being moved for insurance and tracking purposes
  • Pet Documents: Wet/Blue signed originals AND 2 copies, vaccination records, etc