Welcome to Team Osan

Welcome and congratulations on your assignment to the most forward, permanent Fighter Wing in the Air Force! Throughout your tour, you’ll experience the fast-paced, readiness-focused atmosphere of Osan as the “tip of the spear,” while having the opportunity to explore all that the Republic of Korea (ROK) has to offer.

In the local area, you can enjoy the Songtan Entertainment District (SED), countless cafes, Korean markets, and year-round events.

A short car, bus, or subway ride north will land you in the heart of Seoul, where you can experience the traditional culture of Korea or the new-age, cutting edge technology that fills the city.

If the thrill of Korea’s most populated city isn’t for you, head south to Busan, the coastal city known for its beaches and mountains. Walk along Haeundae Beach and stop at Folk Square to play classic childhood games, or head to the mountains to explore true serenity in Buddhist temples and nature hikes.

Or, head east to Seoraksan National Park to hike along winding river gorges to the top of Korea’s third tallest mountain. After the hike, take a walk along Gyeongpo Beach or hit the slopes at Yongpyeong Ski Resort.

We promise you South Korea has something for everyone!

At first it may feel overwhelming, but you will quickly learn all the ins-and-outs of living in Korea and be an expert yourself. Your sponsor will help you settle in, and you’ll be part of Team Osan in no time.

You will be assigned a sponsor from your unit to ease your transition. If you have not heard from a sponsor 90 days before your arrival, please contact 51FSS.FSH.Relocation@us.af.mil to make contact.

5+1 (Stampede!) Things to Get Started Right Away & Keep in Mind

Pre-Arrival Orientation:

Osan Military & Family Readiness Center provides a Pre-Arrival Orientation every 1st Tuesday 8:00 AM-9:00 AM KST. This highly praised 1-hr Zoom call will tell you everything you need to know to get started with your PCS. Email osan.afrc@us.af.mil to register for the next offering.

Command Sponsorship (CSP):

Make an informed decision about applying for Command Sponsorship and deciding whether to bring family with you to Korea.

Passports & Visas:

Command Sponsored Dependents must obtain an official no-fee passport prior to departure and must receive a SOFA stamp and A-3 Visa upon arrival at Osan AB.

Shipping Household Goods (HHG):

Your allowance for household goods and/or unaccompanied baggage is dependent on your personal situation. Korea has different allowances and restrictions than most locations. Work with your local TMO to know what you’re authorized.

Book Lodging:

On-base lodging is in short supply and reservations should be made in advance. You do not need orders to make reservations and your sponsor can assist to securing lodging.

Environmental Considerations:

Air quality in Korea is regularly poor (sometimes 5-10 times worse than in the major U.S. cities). It’s highly recommended to consider purchasing air purifiers for your home. Consider your family member’s needs and health conditions when determining if an accompanied tour is right for you.