Transportation from the Airport

Transportation from the AMC Passenger Terminal

The Passenger Terminal is just a short walk from Turumi Lodge. If your sponsor is unable to pick you up and you don’t want to/are unable to walk, another great option is the AAFES Exchange Taxi Service. They are also a convenient option for getting to an off-base hotel!

Transportation from Incheon International Airport

The shuttle costs $40 per person and is a reimbursable cost. The shuttle only accepts USD and payment is made when boarding the shuttle.

The shuttle picks up from Gate 1 (1st floor) at Terminal 1 and from Gate 3 (1st floor) at Terminal 2, and departs the airport three times a day, dropping off at Turumi Lodge and Checkertails Diner. Pets cannot be transported on the ITT shuttle. Visit the ITT for arrival/departure times and information on passenger van rental options.

Note: ITT Shuttle will not transport pets. Contact ITT to reserve a pet-friendly van. Due to limitations in transportation reimbursement, this may not be reimbursable.

Public Transportation

If the shuttle doesn’t line up with your flight, public transportation is another great option. Subway, bus, and taxi are all reimbursable PCS costs for those traveling on orders.

Subway: The closest subway station is the Songtan Station. The ticket counter at the airport can help you purchase the right ticket. You will need to arrange transportation from the station to your hotel. Taxis are available right outside the station.

Bus: The closest bus station is Songtan Bus Station. The bus counter at the airport can help you buy the right ticket and direct you to the pick-up location. You will need to arrange transportation from the Songtan bus station to your hotel.

Taxi: The airport staff can help you get a taxi. Please note that only AAFES Exchange Taxis can get on base. However, you can take a non-AAFES taxi to the front gate, then walk or catch an AAFES taxi to lodging if staying on base.

The Bus & Train ticket office is located on the 1st Floor of Terminal 1, next to Exits 4 & 9, or outdoors next to Exits 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, & 13. There are many signs with English to direct you.