USFK Driver’s License Training

USFK Driver’s License

All Airmen and dependents who plan to operate a motor vehicle, including motorcycles, scooters, or personal transportation devices (PTDs), must have a USFK license to register their vehicle and drive in Korea. A USFK license will not be issued or valid without a valid stateside driver’s license. You must carry both with you at all times. Only USFK license holders are authorized to drive registered vehicles in Korea.

Age Requirements: 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license.

Non-Command Sponsored dependents require an exception to policy to be issued USFK driver’s licenses.

Training: Members are required to complete the JKO U.S. Forces Korea Driver License Course that is only accessible on a CAC-enabled device. The course may be taken up to 60 days prior to arrival and takes approximately 2 hrs. It’s highly recommendedthat all members who intend to drive complete this training prior to departing for Korea. Save & Print your Certificate!

Test Certificate: Members must complete the JKO U.S. Forces Korea Driver Licensing Exam (approximately 1 hr). Save & Print your Certificate! Members are required to presented it at their licensing appointment.

Licensing for PTDs: Members must complete the JKO USFM Personal Transportation Device Training Course (approximately 2.5 hrs). Save & Print your Certificate!

Once you’ve completed the trainings, set up your appointment to get your license here!

If you are buying a vehicle/PTD, it MUST be registered with Base Pass & Registration, otherwise it is considered illegal and is subject to be ticketed and/or towed. Set up a registration appointment here.

For more information on the step-by-step process of getting your USFK Driver’s License, click here.

USFK Driver’s Permit

Members with only a valid learner’s permit can be issued a USFK Driver’s permit, in accordance with USFK Reg 190-1, 2-1, i. Learner’s Permit. Learner’s permits may be issued to family members (command and non-command sponsored) who are age 16 or older and listed on the member’s orders. The learner’s permit will expire two years after the date of issue. The following provisions must also be followed:

  1. Complete USFK JKO Drivers Course
  2. Show proof of completion of a U.S. State-approved or Area Commander-approved Driver’s Education course
    • Courses do not have to include “hands-on” behind the wheel driving instruction and can be classroom-only based.
  3. Provide the sponsor’s written approval and show proof of required liability insurance.
  4. Individuals who only possess a learner’s permit are only entitled to drive on a U.S. military installation during hours of daylight. They also must be always accompanied by a USFK Form 134EK holder. The official document for a learner’s permit is a USFK Form 134EK marked “Learner’s Permit” with the above listed restrictions on the form. A learner’s permit will not authorize operation of a motorcycle/motor scooter. Any person issued a learner’s permit who violates any of the above restrictions shall have their learner’s permit seized and their driving privileges suspended pending an administrative review of their driving privileges by the Area Commander.