Fuel and Ration Control

USFK does not currently have a ration control system for vehicle fuel in Korea. Anyone with USFK SOFA status may purchase fuel at an AAFES gas station and there are no reduced gas prices off base due to SOFA status.

AAFES Fuel Station and Car Care Services

The Osan Express gas station sells diesel and gasoline. AAFES offers vehicle maintenance and repair services through Auto Oasis, which is co-located with the Osan Auto Hobby Shop in Bldg 1126. They can also provide the USFK Safety Inspection required to register your vehicle.

Osan AAFES Gas Station Hours

Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM-7:30 PM
Sat-Sun: 8:00 AM-7:00 PM

Auto Oasis Hours

Mon-Sat: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Camp Humphreys AAFES Fuel Stations:

Camp Humphreys is about 25 km from Osan Air Base and the drive time is 30-45 minutes depending on traffic. There are several AAFES gas stations on Camp Humphreys, including one 24/7 Express located at Bldg 2270 just past the PX/Commissary complex.

Note: Members are only authorized to purchase 5 gallons of “carry-out gas” per day, in accordance with USFK ration limits.

Fueling on the Economy

Not all Korean fuel stations accept international credit cards, but many do. If you need to fuel on the economy, it’s recommended to have won (KRW) on-hand or establish a Korean bank account so you have a local debit card. Local debit cards require an Alien Registration Card.

Korea has both self-service (states “SELF” and “셀프”), and full-service stations. Both will have an attendant on duty. Self-service pumps may not have instructions in English, so ask the attendant for help if you need it.

Pumping Fuel

Most service stations will carry both diesel and unleaded fuel. Korean unleaded fuel is equivalent to premium unleaded in the United States. The fuel type can be identified by the pump handle color.

Self-Service Steps
  • Welcome Screen – Push the Start Button “시작하기”
  • Anti-Static Pad –Picture of a hand on the screen.
    Find the anti-static pad, it’ll look like a metal plate with the outline of a hand.
    Touch the pad,
    Push the Continue Button “계속하기” on the screen.
  • Choose Fuel Type
    Diesel (경유) = Green handle
    Unleaded (휘발유) = Yellow handle
  • Choose Payment Type
    Cash (현금)
    Credit Card (신용카드)
    Redeem Points (Specific to the station)
    Mobile Coupon (모바일쿠폰)
    Note: If you see a screen with one big button labeled 없음, it’s asking you to insert a points card. Assuming you don’t have one, push I Don’t Have One “없음”
  • Choose Amount – This step will look like a bunch of buttons with numbers in a row.
    Unlike on base, you cannot insert your card and fill up until it’s full.
    In Korea, you must select how much KRW you want to spend.
    Push the button for how much fuel you want to purchase
    “만원” means “ten thousand won”. So, 5만원 means 50,000 KRW.
  • Insert Credit Card
    For a chip reader, insert and don’t remove it
    For a card swipe machine, swipe it
  • Confirm Correct Amount Shown on the Screen
  • Fuel Up
  • Take your Card & Receipt


  • Many Korean service stations have an automated car wash that costs as little as 5,000 KRW. Pull up to the entrance of the wash rack and an attendant will accept your cash, guide your car into position, and start the wash. It’s an inexpensive option to keep your car clean
  • Have KRW on hand to pay the attendant
  • Most parking lots are not attended and do not accept international credit cards. Some parking lots will accept TMoney cards, and most will accept KRW

Self-service refueling steps obtained from the 10 Won Tips Blog.

USFK Ration Program

Liquor (20% ABV or more) is rationed and is tracked through your CAC. Ration limits are outlined in the table below.

Purchasing tax and duty-free goods is a privilege granted under the US/ROK SOFA agreement. You should not transfer tax/duty-free items to unauthorized personnel. Black marketing is forbidden. Unit commanders and First Sergeants will be notified for members who purchase more than their authorized ration limits and members may be subject to punitive action.

Access to tax free or duty-free goods is based on SOFA status. Your Common Access Card is used to control and monitor your purchases at the Commissary or Base Exchange facilities. Normally, only personnel with SOFA status have access to Exchange or Commissary facilities, with the Exchange mall/food court being the exception.

Non-SOFA status visitors may visit Exchange and Commissary facilities with a SOFA-affiliated sponsor if they are US passport holders. Otherwise, the installation commander must grant access. See USFKI 1501.01 for detailed information.

Exchange and Commissary managers may impose purchase limits to assure items are available for all patrons. Liquor is subject to rationing and is defined as any beverage that is 20% or more alcohol by volume. There is no limit for beer. Each service member is allowed 5 units of liquor plus 2 units for each additional family member over 21. The below table shows monthly liquor limits.

Monthly Liquor Purchase Limits Quick Reference
Type Monthly Imposed Ration
Beer N/A
Wine N/A
Liquor (20% or more alcohol by volume) 5 units per member, plus 2 additional per family member over 21 years old

One unit of liquor = fifth, quart or liter

Current Liquor Sales Inventory

1 gallon = 3.75 units
1.75 liter = 1.75 units
700-750 ml = .75 unit
1 pint/375 ml = 1/2 unit
1 miniature = 1/12 of a unit

Note: The liquor limits are monthly and not cumulative from month to month.

Note: As of June 2022, there is no ration limitation on food purchases at the Commissary