Overseas Voltage & Adaptors

United States vs. Korean Standard Voltage

US: 110-120 Volts (V) 60 Hertz (Hz)

Korea: 220-240 Volts (V) 60 Hertz (Hz)

Dual Voltage Devices

Many modern electronics have internal components that allow them to use both voltages. If your device is dual voltage, it’s power source will be labeled “110-240V, 50-60 Hz.” Most cellphones, TVs, and computers are dual voltage. Many kitchen appliances are not!

Lamps: The Dual Voltage Exception

Lamps generally do not need to be dual voltage to work but will require a new bulb that matches the local standard voltage. Change out your 110V light bulb to a 220V bulb, add a plug adapter, and plug it in!

On-Base vs. Off-Base Living

On-base voltage is the standard 110V, utilizing standard US plugs. In Military Family Housing and the dorms, US appliances will work.

Off base, all homes will have 220V, but some may also have 110V (especially those located around base). Step-Down transformers can be purchased from the BX or from members who are PCSing out and can be used to run 110V appliances on 220V outlets.

Korean Plugs & Adapters

Korea uses the C or F type plug, which has 2 round pins. Adapters to convert from US (Type A or B) to Korean (Type C or F) plugs are available at the BX but can also be found at local electronic stores and in shops at the airport.

Plug adapters are NOT transformers and will not allow you to use a single-voltage 110V device on 220V!