Spouse/Dependent New Arrival Info


안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo!) and a warm welcome to the 51st Fighter Wing at Osan Air Base! We (Osan AB’s Key Spouses/Mentors and the Military and Family Readiness Center – M&FRC), are thrilled to have you join us. Whether you are already here or still planning your journey, you have a dedicated team to help your transition to life in Korea be as smooth as possible. Your experience as a spouse at Osan is not an assignment; it’s an opportunity to create lasting and vibrant memories in the Land of the Morning Calm.

Pre-Arrival Orientation: A Must-Do!

To kickstart your adventure, we highly recommend attending the online Pre-Arrival Orientation hosted by M&FRC. This class is designed to provide helpful information and resources that ease the transition for military, contactors, civilians, and their families. Packed full of valuable information, each session offers the opportunity to interact directly with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on a wide variety of important topics, including the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), Transportation Management Office (TMO), educational resources via our School Liaison Office (SLO), TRICARE and healthcare services, and much more. This orientation is truly a “don’t-miss” informational powerhouseThis virtual workshop is offered via Zoom, email the Osan M&FRC at osan.afrc@us.af.mil to sign up!

  • Every 1st Tuesday
  • Location: Virtual (Zoom)
  • Time: 8:00 AM-9:00 AM

Hwan-Yeong (Welcome) Mustang! & Information Fair

To learn everything else about Osan AB that you didn’t know you needed to know, join your fellow new arrivals at the Newcomers Orientation. This Base Orientation is a requirement for all active-duty members but civilians and spouses are encouraged to attend.

If you cannot attend the entire briefing, you won’t want to miss the Information Fair from 10:00 AM-10:30 AM where you can meet and greet base agencies, clubs, and organizations. Of course, your “Little Mustangs” are invited to play in the child-friendly area during the brief and you browse base resources, agencies, and clubs in one convenient location. Stay up to date on these and the many other classes and learning opportunities at the M&FRC Facebook Page.

Location: Enlisted Club, Bldg 917

: 0730 | Event: 0800-1100

Hwan-Yeong (Welcome) Mustang! & Information Fair Schedule


Heart Link is a dynamic and supportive program designed for spouses new to the Air Force community. It features seasoned mentors and guest speakers sharing their personal experiences and offering support specifically about life in the AF & Korea. Even if this isn’t your first PCS, Heart Link is a fantastic way to meet other new arrivals and ask those lingering questions that came up during your relocation. Like all services offered by the M&FRC, this quarterly event is free and includes lunch! Contact osan.afrc@us.af.mil to sign up!

  • Dates: 18 Sept, 4 Dec 2024
  • Location: M&FRC, Bldg 916
  • Time: 0900-1300

Your Commander’s Key Support Program (formerly the Key Spouse Program)

If you haven’t connected with them before arrival, be sure to reach out to your unit’s Key Support Liaison for specific information unique to the dynamics of your squadron and to get personalized support while you PCS. The Key Support Liaison at Osan AB is a cornerstone of the community, providing invaluable resources and tangible support to families whether they’re here or remaining back home. Your unit’s Key Support Liaison is specifically trained to empower you with information, resources, and confidential referrals and recommendations as you adjust to life overseas. To connect with your Key Support Liaison, reach out to your unit’s CSS team, flight leadership, First Sergeant, or contact the M&FRC. If you’re interested in being a Key Support Liaison for your unit, contact your unit’s leadership team or First Sergeant. For all other questions or assistance, please contact the M&FRC at osan.afrc@us.af.mil. We’re here to make your stay memorable and comfortable and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Note: The U.S. Air and Space Force Commander’s Key Support Program (CKSP) is an official Unit Family Readiness Program designed to enhance readiness and establish a sense of community. Key Support Liaisons are volunteers appointed by the unit Commander that serve as a conduit of information providing resources and referrals to Air and Space Force families. This Commander’s program promotes partnerships with the unit, Key Support Liaison, Key Support Liaison Mentors, family members, the Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC), as well as community and helping agencies. Key Support Liaisons are not social coordinators or fundraisers and are not affiliated with membership-based spouse private organizations.

For the Littlest Mustangs

There is so much to do here for young children at Osan that it’ll be hard to choose where to begin! The Osan AB Library offers a wealth of activities for infants through preschoolers each month, including multi-lingual story times and craft classes for the under-school age, STEAM and LEGO clubs, homeschooling meets, and more. Families often enjoy playdates at the Kids Cafe located in the Officers’ Club. Off-base amenities include world famous kids’ cafes, where you can grab a latte with a new friend and let your kids explore themed attractions safely. Children are seen as a treasure in Korea, and you’ll soon notice how friendly many people are when you are out and about with yours. It’s not unusual for Koreans, especially older ones, to offer sweets to your child, or pat their hair or cheeks, or even offer to hold them when they are fussy. Teaching your children to say “thank you” (감사합니다 – kamsahamnida) and do a little bow will usually impress cafe or convenience store workers, and occasionally result in an extra treat.

Korean Cultural Brief, Language Classes, and Community Immersion Tours

The Korean Culture workshop is designed to teach non-Korean Nationals important information about the culture to assist while living abroad. Topics include shopping & dining in Korea, Korean laws, and more.

And, if you’re ready to learn the basics of the Korean language, or you’ve already graduated to the next steps of Korean conversation, you can join in either of those monthly classes too! Keep an eye on the M&FRC monthly calendar and watch for off-base immersion tours opportunities as well. Spots fill up fast, so you’ll want to sign up right away.

  • Dates: 10 Sept, 17 Dec 2024
  • Location: M&FRC, Bldg 916
  • Time: 1200-1300

Explore and Connect

As you can see, Osan AB is a hub of diverse activities ad countless mini-communities and we haven’t come close to listing it all – there’s always something exciting to do and explore while Living in Korea. Your unit, your Key Spouse, and the many supportive base agencies and resources are all here to help you navigate your exciting new environment. To get a head start on building your local network, check out the Osan Community Directory, a collaborative effort by volunteers to consolidate over 175 area groups, clubs, and communities into one single directory.

Every base is what you make of it, and as our newest member of the Mustang family we hope you join us in ensuring this base is an amazing assignment of choice. On behalf of everyone at the 51st Fighter Wing, STAMPEDE! and welcome to our little home away from home.